Warranty Limitations:
Delitech limited warranty provides that, subject to the following limitations, each Product will be free from defects in material and workmanship and will conform to Delitech’s specification for the particular Product.

Limitation of Remedies:
Your exclusive remedy for any defective Product is limited to the repair or replacement of the defective Product.

Limitation of Damages:
Delitech entire liability for any defective Product shall in no event exceed the purchase price for the defective Product. This limitation applies even if Delitech cannot or does not repair or replace any defective Product and your exclusive remedy fails of its essential purpose.

No Consequential or Other Damages:
Delitech has no liability for general, consequential, incidental or special damages. These include loss of recorded data, the cost of recovery of lost data, lost profits and the cost of the installation or removal of any Products, the installation of replacement Products, and any inspection, testing, or redesign caused by any defect or by the repair or replacement of Products arising from a defect in any Product.

  • Always present the original cash sale/ invoice.
  • Keep original package in Warranty period                     
  • Warranty covers only defects caused from manufacturer.
  • Warranty is back to base.
  • Warranty doesn’t cover any type of software/viruses. 

This limited warranty does not cover the followings:

> Normal wear & tear
> Accident
> Misuse
> Cosmetic Damages
> Modifications of the product
> Attempted to repair by any party other than Delitech Co Ltd
> Electrical power surge
> Negligence
> Connection to improper voltage supply

2 Years  
(Original Packaging is required for warranty replacement)

1 Year Warranty with Ultra and 3 Years with Manufacturer.

G.Skill / Corsair / Kingston / Crucial Memory
1 Year Warranty with Ultra and Lifetime Warranty with Manufacturer.

ASUS / Gigabyte / MSI Mainboards
1 Year Warranty

2 Years Warranty

TFT Monitors
2 Years Warranty
Warranty is not valid and does not cover blemishes or missing pixels are less than 6 pixels (red, green or blu)

2 Years Warranty

Power Supply 
1 Year  Warranty