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Samsung 27" Curved monitor super slim C27R504FHU

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Part Number: C27R504FHU
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  • Curved screen
  • Frameless design
  • Game mode

Nice curves
With a curvature of 1800R, the CR50 is adapted to the curvature of the human eye and thus helps to concentrate more on the work and to immerse yourself in the game while gaming. Even with prolonged use, the eyes are less stressed and do not tire as quickly.

Super slim display
But not only the comfort, but also the design is excellent. The frameless display on three sides extends from edge to edge, offering a larger image area and a minimalist design. The elegant dark blue and gray outer casing with a Y-shaped screen stand ensures a neat and modern look on your desk.

Pure action and no delay
Enjoy entertainment without interference. AMD Radeon FreeSync ™ synchronizes the refresh rate between graphics card and monitor to reduce stuttering and image distortion. Whether films or games, enjoy smooth and fast image playback.

More gaming power
Ideal game settings can fine-tune your gaming experience. Game Mode offers you optimal color settings and image contrasts for more vivid scenes and sharp details, so that you can discover your enemies even in the dark. With Game Mode you can see every little detail in the game.

Lifelike details
See every scene in incredible colors. The innovative VA panel technology from Samsung offers a contrast ratio of 3,000: 1 and delivers deep black values ??and a brighter white. In addition, the light scatter is minimized, especially in the corners of the screen, and even very dark and very bright images appear crystal clear on your screen.

More comfort for the eyes
One should not underestimate the strain on the eyes when working on the monitor for a long time. Therefore, the CR50 has the eye-friendly Eye Saver Mode, which reduces fatigue-causing blue light emissions, while the Flicker Free technology suppresses annoying screen flickering. So you can work or play on your monitor for longer without straining your eyes unnecessarily.

Screen resolution - 1,920 x 1,080 pixels
1 x D-Sub
1 x HDMI 1.4
Headphones - Yes
Refresh rate - 60 Hz
Format - 16: 9
Backlight technology - LED
Screen - curvature 1,800 R
Response time - 4 ms (G / G)

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