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Riotoro CR1288TG - RGB - tempered glass - Full tower case

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Integrated multi-colored lighting RGB lighting
The front panel is equipped with integrated multi-colored lighting RGB lighting with pre-programmed lighting effects. Or the case’s lighting cables can be connected to your 5 volt RGB-ready motherboard to control lighting from your motherboard’s software.

The quickest lighting customization in a full tower
The top panel buttons provides quick lighting customization with on-the-fly control of effect modes, colors, brightness and effect speed. Of course, power, reset, USB 3.0, and audio ports are also included for quick easy access.

Motherboard Support
- Micro ATX
- Mini ITX

GPU 4x
Up to 400.0 mm

The included 140mm fans directs airflow over the hottest components the graphics cards, CPU, and motherboard power circuitry.

  • Up to 7x fans with support for 120.0 or 140.0 mm
  • Up to 2x - 120.0 / 240.0 / 280.0 or 360.0 mm radiators
The case's mesh front panel, dual 140mm intrake fans, and rear 120mm exhaust fan provide ample cooling for extreme gaming rigs. For users that want a little more cooling, the CR1288TG has additional mount points for fans and support for 120, 240, 280, and 360mm radiators.

The spacious interior incorporates modern builder-friendly features easy installation and customization

Product Features
  • Pre-programmed multi-colored RGB lighting effects controllable via the top panel
  • Mesh front panel and dual compartments to streamline airflow
  • Two 140.0 mm intake fans and a 120.0 mm exhaust fan for quiet, efficient cooling
  • Mount points for 120.0 mm and 140.0 mm fans, and up to 360.0 mm radiators
  • Cable routing and CPU cutouts for easier installation
  • Edge-to-edge tempered glass side window

Package Contents
  • 1 x CR1288TG PRISM Full Tower Case
  • 2 x 140.0 mm Front / Intake Fans
  • 1 x 120.0 mm Rear / Exhaust Fan
  • Manual, Accessories & Spare Parts Box

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