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Modecom Volcano Hummer - RGB Mechanical keyboard (blu switches)

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RGB Mechanical keys
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MODECOM VOLCANO HAMMER RGB is a mechanical keyboard for gamers. This product will enable accomplishing the most spectacular missions in the world of gaming. MODECOM VOLCANO HAMMER RGB is equipped with excellent components. You can be sure that the keyboard won't let you down when fending for your land, dashing through galaxies or fighting aliens in a deadly battle. Each key in VOLCANO HAMMER is a separate construction with the most important element being mechanical switch with instant response. Those switches will create your advantage over the enemy. Advanced function of fully adjustable RGB backlight will let you continue the game after dark.

The VOLCANO HAMMER RGB version is a modernized model of a popular mechanical keyboard with 16.7 million backlight and a driver for controlling them. The VOLCANO HAMMER RGB model is a response to the growing needs of gamers by offering universal and practical solutions to improve virtual entertainment.

Key features
- mechanical keyboard (Outemu blueswitches),
- 104 keys (in selected versions keyboard has 105 keys),
- Windows key lock,
- multimedia hotkeys
- full anti-ghosting
- adjustable RGB 16,7 mln color backlight with driver,
- anti-slip rubber feet
- 180-long cable,
- gold-plated USB connector

104 keys
MODECOM VOLCANO HAMMER RGB is equipped with 104 mechanical keys which are extremely convenient in use and durable. They make mechanical high-pitched clicking sound adored by gamers.

Major features of mechanical keyboard
Mechanical keyboard is a perfect solution for professional gamers. In mechanical keyboards, each key is equipped with separate mechanism increasing response time, accuracy, precision and convenience in use. MODECOM VOLCANO HAMMER RGB is equipped with blue, red and brown switches providing extraordinary accuracy, convenience in use and high-pitched clicking sound. You can choose switches according to your own preferences.

Every soldier needs a weapon fitting his preferences and his combat style. Therefore, we put some effort to it and designed three different alternatives of Volcano Hammer mechanical keyboard so that every gamer finds their perfect weapon.
- Outemu Blue: Switches with the loudest and clickiest experience.

Full anti-ghosting
The majority of keyboards can register only a few commands actuated by your fingers. Such limitation prevents you from actuating some commands requiring more keys to be pressed in a game. Consequently, it limits the entertainment and influences your results. MODECOM VOLCANO HAMMER RGB keyboard is equipped with full anti-ghosting function. This means that you can press any number of keys you want and they will all be registered. MODECOM VOLCANO HAMMER RGB is a professional tournament gear.

Adjustable RGB LED backlight
MODECOM VOLCANO HAMMER RGB keyboard is equipped with fully adjustable RGB 16,7 mln color LED backlight with driver.

Gold-plated USB connector
Increased durability lets you enjoy your gear even longer

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