It all began back in the year 1999, when Ultra had a vision to spark the gaming fever in 
Malta. Gaming was evolving globally, however Malta lacked the tools to delve into the world of gaming. Ultra's vision was to gear the 
gaming community in Malta. After attending international fairs and researching the best possible brands, Ultra 
introduced gamers to the finest brands in the Gaming industry.

Ultra takes great pride in its brands and the custom PCs we build to satisfy our customers needs.  
Every PC and laptop is assembled as if it was our own. All our employees are gamers, to ensure that we can deliver the finest advice to our customers.
We test and try first hand before selling the products to clients to ensure that we can give every potential customers the true feel of each product. 
At Ultra we believe that its the experience that counts, and we work as a team to deliver the best, reliable and most satisfying sale.